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The Farmer’s Market at Ralston Park 2016

The 2015 Warsaw Farmers’ Market is held at Ralston Park every Thursday from May 28th through September 24th from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

Warsaw Illinois Park District - Farmers MarketThere is no cost to sell your Agricultural goods, Arts or Crafts. Our goal is to provide a friendly environment to buy and sell locally produced products.

We ask that sellers abide by the following guidelines:

    1. Mission of the Market: It is the mission of the Farmer’s Market at the Ralston Park to establish and maintain a safe, friendly environment providing quality locally grown products produced by local vendors committed to personal relationships and customer satisfaction.
    2. Market Schedule: The Market will be held from 3:00 pm to 6:00 p.m. every Thursday from May 28, 2014 through September 24th 2014
    3. Obligations of Park District: The Warsaw Park District will make every effort to promote through local media advertising, posters, banners and press releases.
    4. Products to be sold:
      1. Agricultural Products: Fresh, high-quality fruits, vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, bedding plants, potted plants, and other agricultural products may be sold at Market. Processed or value-added food products (e.g. honey, jams, salsas, soups, bread, rolls, pies etc.) will be admitted as long as the guidelines meet all Health Department regulations. All vendors selling
        baked and or prepared foods must complete a Cottage Food Operations class held by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Egg producers must have an Illinois egg license. Vendors must remove ineligible products, if requested by the Market Manager.
      2. Arts and Crafts: High-quality arts and crafts may be sold. Some craft items for sale may need to be pre-approved by Market management.
    5. Booth Space: Space and location are first come first serve. All set up items (tents, chairs, tables, display boards, etc.) are the responsibility of the vendor.
    6. Legal Compliance: Vendors are expected to familiarize themselves with local and states laws related to their business and are responsible for compliance.
      Examples include laws related to health regulations, weights and measures (scales), sales taxes, and insurance. Health Department and other officials may visit the Market to assure compliance with regulations.
    7. Fees: No Fees
    8. Signage: Signs boards, tags or labels listing prices of all products for sale must also be posted prior to the beginning of sales.
    9. Sales Practices: No crying out, “hawking”, or other aggressive sales techniques are allowed. The Market Manager will make the final determination as to
      whether a particular sales practice falls within this provision. Vendors must agree to follow the direction of the Market Manager in regard to these practices.
    10. Code of Conduct: Vendor behavior, personal appearance and maintenance of their sales area should reflect positively on the Market’s overall appearance, quality and reputation. To support this obligation, vendors are expected to:
      1. Maintain safe, clean conditions in and around the sales area.
      2. Maintain a professional and tidy personal appearance.
      3. Maintain cordial relations with customers, Market management and other vendors.
    11. Clean up: Vendors are responsible for cleaning all trash and waste within and around their allotted space before leaving the Market each week.
    12. Location: the Market will be located at Ralston Park along the 4th Street (East) side of the park. There is no alternative location in the event of rain, so vendors should come to the Market prepared for any adverse weather. A tent or canopy is recommended but should be properly anchored with weights (not stakes) in case of windy conditions.
    13. Hold Harmless Clause: the Participant agrees to indemnify and save the Warsaw Park District harmless from and against all claims, loss, damage, injury and liability however caused, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with the operation of The Farmer’s Market at the Ralston Park, or by any negligence or alleged negligence on the part of any of the Participant’s agents or employees.

Please address questions or concerns to:

Warsaw Park District
Attn: Rita Kerr
340 Wilcox Street
Warsaw,IL 62379

Cell phone: 309-224-8090


You may also contact the Park District by email.


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